David Mankellow

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I'm a Software Engineering Manager

  • Name: David Mankellow
  • Job: Manager, Software Test Engineer
  • Residence: Cambridge, UK
  • DOB: 13/01/1986
Engineering Manager @ Pulse Secure - automating the management, licensing, and metering of virtual network services.

I have over 10 years engineering experience, over half which in engineering management. I am currently a hands-on, technical Test Engineering manager at Pulse Secure, delivering licensing, management and visualisation solutions for Virtual Application Delivery Controllers. Customers of which we are delighting are the likes of BT, BBC and Netflix.

A hands-on, technically minded and personable manager, I pride myself on being able to cover all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle. Both at Pulse Secure and at previous companies I have a strong involvement in leading wider teams from product/feature inception, through design, development, testing and release. Comfortable engaging with company execs, fellow engineers and customers, I offer a broad, but highly accomplished set of skills.

Competencies: Python, Bash, Agile, SCRUM, cloud computing, engineering management, test engineering management, network protocols.

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